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Affiliate Program Welcome Kit

Affiliate Program Welcome Kit



You created a digital product that you know is full of value – and on top of writing, recording, designing and packaging your product, you also put forth a solid effort to market the heck out of it. But weeks and months go by post-launch, and... crickets. No consistent sales, despite all of the hard work you put in to make this incredible product come to life.


😍 Imagine if you had a team of enthusiastic affiliates marketing your product FOR you!

The Affiliate Promo Pack was created to help you DIY the perfect Affiliate Promo Pack to get your affiliates informed, engaged and enthusiastic about promoting your products.

✨ This template includes a 16-page welcome guide strategically crafted with digital offers in mind, complete with 7 additional social media promotional templates for you to customize and provide to your affiliates, to make promoting your digital product on social media even easier. Plus, you can use Canva's foolproof (and free!) drag-and-drop platform to get it done in no time.



  • Each design is professionally crafted and guaranteed to be pixel perfect, easy to edit and super simple to navigate – no experience necessary.
  • The entire collection of templates was created intentionally to work together visually and strategically, with effective online business strategies in mind.
  • Whenever a template is updated and/or new designs are added, you get the latest files sent to you instantly, for free.
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