10 Seriously Effective Ways To Overcome Creative Block

Whether you are a painter, a writer, a graphic designer, or social media marketer; all creative professions. And sometimes the creative well runs dry, especially at the most inconvenient times.

There are many ways to dig yourself out of such an uninspiring rut and get the creative juices flowing again, but we've listed 10 ways that we've proven to work for us!

1. Change your mindset

Think " I don't have a creative block, I'm simply challenging myself to come up with ideas better than all the ones I've created before."

2. Turn off the podcasts and turn on the music

Now, we all like to listen to those podcasts about how to get out ish together and our finances in order ... which is great. But switch it up, you might get some inspo from your girl power playlist.

3. Step away from your project

Sometimes you just have to put everything on pause. Get out for happy hour, avoid focusing on anything intentionally creative and come back to it with a fresh pair of eyes the next day.

4. Explore other creative disciplines

Be open to receiving inspiration from an area of creativity outside of what you normally turn to. Instead of watching videos or pinning inspo from design blogs, if you're a designer, go to a dance class or pull out your knitting needles!

5. Clean your workspace

Did you know that cluttered spaces can be a physical manifestation of a cluttered mind? Clean up to clear your mind.

6. Put a deadline on your suffering

For some of us nothing lights the fire under our tails like the pressure of completing something at the last minute. If you have to, trick yourself into believing that you have a certain amount of time to get it together by breaking your project down into smaller deadlines that you have to meet.

7. Take a nap

Easy enough right? A refreshed and revitalized mind is ripe for creativity.

8. Keeping a record of when your creative blocks normally happen

If you're prepared, you can practice prevention instead.

9. Don't wait for inspiration to find you

There are tons of places locally that we can turn to for inspiration, ie; the farmers market, someplace with a live band, a rooftop bar...

10. Don't beat yourself up

We sometimes have a habit of being extremely hard on ourselves when we're doing the best that we can in the moment. So, grab some coffee, fresh air, or take a moment to meditate and then get back to it!

Has any of these worked for you? Or are there any affirmations or rituals that you use to overcome creative block? Leave a comment and let us know!

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